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In next few minutes we will try to show you why this site is something different than other TW stats site.
First of all we will know the site better, then we will check major functionalities, and finally we will see some nice thigs made with its help.
So sit down and enjoy!

Some images used below originate from older version of the site. The design slightly changed, but the functionality remained or increased.

Know the site better

No matter which graphical version you are using, links to all major sections of the site you can find in the top menu. Here you can also check language of the site, graphical version and world you are currently on. Top menu, TW theme

Major functionalities

You may ask why do we start from here :)
It is the place where we tried to precisely describe most typical issues you can encounter while using the site. Before sending us a question try to solve the problem by visiting this section. If it is not there - fill the contact form (check footer for it) and leave your email.

World, Tribes, Players
In each of these sections you will find a lot of statistic data related to world, its continents, tribes and players.
You can check which continent has the biggest number of points, how many tribes are located on each continent and which tribe is the best one.
You can also see tribes' ranking and compare number of points and/or villages of any tribe on the continent. You can even check average points per village for a given tribe on a given continent!

Tribes' section is probably most complex from all available.
We offer a lot of different rankings order inter alia by number of points, villages and members.
Furthermore we provide daily rankings of tribes by:

  • increase of points (all)
  • increase of points (40)
  • increase of number of villages
  • increase of number of members
  • increase of average number of points/player
  • increase of average number of points/village
  • rise in the ranking

All these data is available for all tribes, no matter how many points your tribe has.
By filling simple form you can set range in the ranking you would like to compare.
So easily you can check which tribe from rank 20-100 has the biggest jump in the points ranking or compare tribes by increase of average number of points/village with rank 1 to 10, same as 11100 to 12000. No problem for us! :)

Almost forgot to mention - you can export all data to BB-Codes and share them with your friends :)

You would like to see more detailed comparison of tribes?
Check tribes comparison and at one place see all rankings and major data: Comparison of tribes

Your tribe is at war with other tribes?
Try our War Stats, where all players, whatever tribe they currently are, were conquered or left the game, are considered. Then you can see list of conquers between each considered tribe, and between all at once. War Stats

War Stats are automatically loaded to external server.
War Stats - image exported to external server

There is still a lot of interesting data to see - like migrations between given tribes, live claims between tribes, and more.

A Tribe

Each tribe has its own profile with such data as: list of inhabited continents, ranking on each continent, % of points from all points of the continent, % of villages from all vilages on the continent.
By one click you can see list of all members , or members sorted by continent. Later you can create a mailing list of players only from your continent or export it to BB-Codes.

Data from each day is being saved and is available for users. You can check day after day from beggining of the world how your tribe was growing.


Players section provides conventional ranking of players sorted by points and number of villages.
Somethnig new is a list of all players inhabiting a continent.
You can check who has most points and most villages, what percent of all villages belongs to each player, and then view list of player's villages and eport it to BB-Codes. Creating list of villages in war purposes was never so easy :)

A Player

Player's profile brings typical data, so we won't focus on it. As mentioned before, you can check percentage share of villages on continents, see lists of them and everything export to BB-Codes. Player's inhabited contnients, percentage share, list of villages

If you are bored don't go away! Not now :)

Graphs, Maps and Universe

Image is much better information carrier than words. Hence we put a lot of effort in making nice and legible graphs.
Compare undermentioned images with their equivalents available somewhere else. Do you see the difference? :)

Graphs of tribes/players

Add as many tribes or players to the graph as you wish and check their growth. Graph of 13 tribes

Map of world

Add as many tribes and players as you wish. Show villages above given points. Mark abandoned villages above given points. Save favourite maps. Automatically export maps to external server. Map of World, 15 tribes included

Signature Generator

Daily updated signatures
Exemplary signature

Reports Converter

Hide confidential data, choose from different types of reports such us:

  • report for internal forum
  • report for main forum
  • report for external forums
  • image report

Reports Converter settings panel

Exemplary report (image type)


If you would like to quickly check tribe's location and territory try Universe and fill a form fields. Location of 3 tribes and percent of their points on inhabited continents

If you leave fields empty, by clicking on each continent you can see best three tribes ordered by points.

Now something we could start with, but we left it till end.


A lot of us have problems to localize a player/tribe on a map. It is very frustrating when receiving a blank area while we expected a map and we believe, we did everything correct.
From now these issues are past :)
Enter tribe's or player's profile and find World Icon Move cursor over it and wait.

A loading window will appear - object of a search is being localized. After few seconds you will see an image with central point of player/tribe (if an error occures please refresh the site and try again). Central point of a tribe

Then, by clicking on world icon, you will be redirected to the map form, with all necessary fields automatically filled.
All you need to do is to press Create. Map done! :)

As we said it's end of our tour, but not end of all features we provide. Explore the site to find out more. Register, to gain access to many other useful functionalities, such us Village Claim System and Players' Growth Tracking System.
Below you can find some screens from them and links to their better description.

Players' Growth Tracking System
Village Claim System

Village Claim System - Claiming Panel

Village Claim System - Admin Panel with "blocking users" option, "claiming instead of a user" option and "exporting to BB-Codes"

Players' Growth Tracking System - Admin Panel

We hope that with these few paragraphs we enouradged you to stay with us longer :)

Best wishes dear User!